Greater Resilience Information Toolkit | Promoting Individual & Community Empowerment

Our Mission


Our primary mission is to help create a stronger and more cohesive community  through the important information on this website and through the GRIT Resilience Training.

We've put together this toolkit, as well as the GRIT training, to vastly expand the capacity of our community to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as future disasters.

Our GRIT Resilience Training is offered to any community member who wants to learn supportive skills to be a positive influence and promote resilience in our community.

GRIT-4Health Training Now Available!

Community Resilience and COVID-19 Survey

GRIT Resilience Training
GRIT was established to train volunteers in the community to promote wellness and resilience to fellow community members in the wake of the stress caused by COVID-19. In difficult times, spreading support, resources and education can have a positive impact on healing and resilience.

30 Keys of GRIT Series