Interactive Support Tool: SilverCloud

In our mission of providing you with an interactive support platform, UCCS has partnered with SilverCloud, a clinically-proven online platform with programs to help you reduce symptoms of stress, improve your sleep and build resilience.

All the programs offered have bonus content, including the Challenging Times module specifically developed to support you as you navigate the current COVID-19 crisis. The modules include:

  • COVID-19 : Learn how to manage stress and self-care during these challenging times
  • Sleep Issues: Learn how to build healthy sleep habits
  • Resilience: Learn how to enhance your wellbeing and build work-life balance
  • Stress: Learn how to overcome and manage your stressors

In order to sign up, you must reside in the Colorado Springs area, qualified by Zipcode. Click on the drop-down below to check your Zipcode and see if you are eligible for membership through GRIT!

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