GRIT 4ED Training Info


The GRIT Resiliency Training has been established to train volunteers in the community to promote wellness and resilience among fellow community members – friends, family, and acquaintances – in the wake of the stress caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The GRIT-4ED Coach Program offer phases of training for schools to promote wellness and resilience support to their community members – staff, students, and families – in the wake of the stress caused by COVID-19 and future disasters. Due to the impact of the stresses of COVID-19 on individuals, families, and communities, the current pandemic can be viewed as a disaster for the community, the country, and the world. In times of disaster, strengthening coping, spreading support, and providing resources can have a positive impact on healing and resilience for everyone.
GRIT was established by Dr. Charles Benight and his team at the UCCS Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience to promote strength and empowerment. This training will enable you to provide direct support to your colleagues, students, and families by being a resource now and through the school year, create a support team, and foster a more resilient school community. Serving students and families well during a crisis requires a whole school approach. There are different roles in a school, yet all have a relationship with each other, the students, and families. When a colleague or student is struggling, a network of support can help. GRIT-4ED reflects the concept of 3 around me. During a traumatic time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. There are times when we feel we have this, we are hopeful, and able to problem-solve. However, other times, we feel unsure, overwhelmed, and down. By forming a team of three, we can help other while at the same time staying strong as a team

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